What is the difference between articles and blogs?


What is the blog and articles?

The blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order. articles and blogs are content is often referred to as the entries or “posts and pages”.

 By the way, the blogger writes data and any articles about any project through an organization or freelancer and has a payment in their dollar.

blogs are the short therefore and complete information contains keywords and so Great Roleplays.

Difference between blog and articles?


  • Blogs have your own opinion.
  • There is No need for interviews or researching the blog.
  • Blogs are shorter than articles.
  •  Built SEO keywords. as a result of blogs, there is a need for Keywords to rank the blogs and sometimes they are different articles.
  • There is Good spelling and grammar optional are necessary for complete blogs on google.
  • There is ore important Casual writing style and correct spelling are need.
  • Any editor is not involved and they are the self-published.
  •  Freelance pay rates usually very low cost. Mainly work in the $5-$20 per piece range.


  • In the Articles writer opinion not allowed in articles.
  • Has interviews and therefore research from credible experts and research firms.
  • articles in Keywords not important for searching.
  • Spelling and grammar are impeccable in the articles.
  • articles More sophisticated writing style is like necessary.
  • the editor is used and An editor cleans it up for you; published by a print magazine.
  • articles, a freelancer is paid high rates from $.10-$1 a word and up.

Blogs and articles are in blogs, in website and social media captions. These websites increase their visibility.

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