What is SEO: A Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) is the practice of increasing organic traffic or general traffic on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It is also known as organic search. If you want to rank number one for all the keywords, you need to apply SEO to increase your rank.

 Search Engine Optimization.

Now if you want to start a blog for any recipes, but your website doesn’t rank high in the organic search results. There are several reasons why this can happen:

  •   Your website or business competitors have better content.
  • You use low traffic keywords
  • You use not good  link building practices
  • Your webpage load time is slow
  • Your website has  doesn’t have a good user experience
  • Your website is de-indexed by mistake

To rank high on the SERP, you need to understand how search engines work. In this SEO training, you will learn about how Google ranks websites, the different types of SEO, and various SEO techniques you can use to improve your ranking.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

you want to rank a particular keyword on Google or yahoo,then  you need to apply SEO. There are two strategies for this:

On-page SEO

ON Page SEO:- On-page SEO will work while staying above the website. Permalink, keywords ranking, internal linking, seo density will be there in the website while it is open. This means the backend will remain open and will rank from it.

The aspects of on-page SEO are:

  • SETUP Permalink Links
  • Make it untouchable for crawler
  • Selection of content to write.
  • Keywords Research
  • Keywords trends
  • Keywords placement
  • Image optimization
  • Simplify your content and content optimization
  • Meta title, meta description, meta keywords
  • Breadcumbs
  • Conical URL
  • Internal linking structure
  • Robots.txt
  • XML sitemap
  • Stop replication in SEO
  • Setup meta information
  • Redesign 404not found
  • Important page on a website
  • Lock your image with Copywrite
  • Speed optimization

Off-page SEO

OFF-PAGE SEO:- Off-page SEO is another process of improving your rank on the search engine results page. It also helps to strengthen the credibility of your website and build a sense of domain authority and trustworthiness. Other benefits of off-page SEO are an increase in traffic, page rank, and brand awareness.

The aspects of off-page SEO are:

  • Google webmaster tools
  • Search engine submission
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Form submission and discuss boards
  • Build social presence
  • Write review
  • Directories submission
  • Guest blogging vs sponsored post
  • Write a presence release
  • Blog commenting role in SEO
  • Classifieds ads plateforms
  • Understanding google analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Google business mapping
  • Reso;ve 404 error and redirection


In the Search Engine Submission(SEO) we are discussing in this blog is how to rank in google. If we are doing all the setting in own website then these are the following points are important for us. Now we want to learn more thing about Search engine optimization.ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.

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