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TikTok vs YouTube is the new war on the internet

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In the TikTok vs YouTube war is looking like a microcosm of the larger. and political story raging across all India–between raw aspiration and entrenched entitlement.

In the world of social media platforms, one thing or the other keeps buzzing and goes viral every day.

Now a present COVID-19 If you love TikTok, have you watched YouTube bloggers’ reactions to TikTok videos? then Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation with people browsing with a vengeance to be the first to send a forward for a good laugh.

These YouTube videos are quite the life-saver.

TikTok vs YouTube

Now a present COVID-19 If you love TikTok, have you watched YouTube bloggers’ reactions to TikTok videos?

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation with people browsing with a vengeance.

the first to send a forward for a good laugh, these YouTube videos are quite the life-saver.

The Popular Indian YouTuber CarryMinati aka Ajay Nagar has been making huge headlines over the past few days for his controversial video. nowadays there happens too that the twenty-year-old YouTube star uploaded a video title YouTube Vs Tiktok. became the most liked on the video-sharing platform within no times.

Violation of usage and abusive language. This sent shockwaves across the internet and CarryMinati fans started trending BringBack CarryMinatiVideo on social media platforms.

TikTok breaking in the days:-

Nowadays popular YouTuber CarryMinati (real name Ajay Negar) created a video on YouTube vs TikTok a few days back.

TikTok breaking in the days

The video went viral and it became a breeding ground for memes.

The video was taken down from YouTube owing to the content violation and Ajay Negar created another video asking his fans to stop misusing the video for their benefit.

Ajay got emotional while talking about the video and sending the message at the same time.

The guide will help you evaluate which popular social platform, Youtube, Instagram, or

TikTok,which will work best for your cosmetics company.

TikTok vs YouTube vs Instagram Difference


The the the history are Started in 2005.Youtube is one of the oldest social media platforms still in use. It’s the second-largest search engine, and a staggering 95% of global internet users use Youtube. Great news for beauty brands: Of that 95%, the women are predominantly watching beauty videos (Omnicore, 2019).

Here beauty space on Youtube is dominated by individual vloggers, not by brands. Since 95% of beauty content on Youtube is created by individuals, cosmetics brands have to focus more heavily on influencer marketing when using this platform (Digital Surgeon, 2018). 

If you’re looking to grow your brand presence with longer-form video content and influencer sponsorships.YouTube is a tried and true channel for brands to add value to their audiences.

Companies have less control over their brand narrative, but this can be a good thing if done right. Buyers are more trusting of user-generated content.making them more likely to buy a product after seeing a vlogger use it rather than seeing it presented by a company.

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TikTok, the new Vine-like video app, has only been around since 2018. but it’s already amassed an enormous following.


Therefor Some of this growth is attributed to users growing tired of Instagram’s fake aesthetic wanting to reconnect with a community of “real” people.

Where Instagram is all about presenting a facade of perfection, TikTok is focused on creativity and relatability, with many beauty trends focusing on theatrical makeup looks.

Most popular TikTok provides a unique marketing opportunity. Because TikTok is so new, there is much less competition with other brands. It’s a great platform to focus on if your demographic is between 18 and 24; however, brands with older demographics shouldn’t dismiss TikTok outright.



Instagram is a tried-and-true social media channel for cosmetics brands. With more than 1 billion monthly users, it’s a powerhouse when it comes to audience reach. This offers a great opportunity for brands to get their products in front of people, but it also means that hyper-popular influencers are charging more, and at times, losing their credibility.

One of the best marketing features of Instagram is the one-click shopping. Shoppable posts make it simple for users to find out more information about a product or make a purchase without having to leave the app. This feature is very effective when combined with user-generated content. Consumers trust their peers, so tagging your product in an influencer’s post (with their permission, of course) can bring higher conversion rates.

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Instagram has a well-established aesthetic. Pictures and videos are perfectly staged, edited, and filtered to achieve the “perfect” look.

Consistent branding is a staple in marketing, but Instagram may have pushed this too far. Many users, especially in Gen Z, are tired of the inauthenticity of this platform and have become less engaged, preferring instead to use TikTok where the community is seen as being real and relatable.

BanTikTok Trends As Tiktok’s Ratings Drop To 2.0 On Play Store in TikTok vs YouTube war:-

last few days carry fans started to trend BanTikTok soon after the video was taken down from YouTube. that affected the ratings of TikTok on play store apps. The trend BanTikTok surely has affected the ratings of the platform as the App has now witnessed its lowest rating ever dropping drastically to 2.0 from 4.6.this lowest ranking continue down days by days.

In this war doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as people on Twitter have flooded with memes.

on this entire screenshots of the falling rating of the app. Check out some of them here:

TikTok vs YouTube is the new war on the internet
BanTikTok Trends
TikTok vs YouTube is the new war on the internet

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