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In a few days, Social Distance the novel coronavirus has undone a worth of our economic and social habits. What consequences will this have on our future —

After a quite slow and rambling response to the global pandemic known as CO VID -19. India has assumed in the past few weeks what is essentially a wartime footing. The primary focus is on reducing the spread of the virus and creating such kind of environment Social Distance. treat those who contract it. To achieve this, we have been roused — all 1326.20 million of us — to keep ourselves as much as possible. a practice is known as social distancing. Schools, colleges and universities have been shut down, along with religious institutions, restaurants, and many more.

The same is happening for sporting events, Social Distance Theatres, powwow, conferences and any other large public gatherings. All the office buildings have emptied out, with employees ordered to work from home. Travel, especially through airlines and trains, is being severely reduced.

Will Social Distance successfully help to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

 We shall find out, Social Distance hopefully it will at least be minimized but not sure it will ruin the CO VID-19. If we listen to the people belonging to the health ministry, the virologists (who study about virus) and the epidemiologists — and we should, because they have been alarming and studying this kind of pandemic for years — they say the situation will get considerably worse in India before it gets better.

What other effects, and after effects, will this Social Distance produce?

What other effects, and after effects, will this social distance produce?

There will be many consequences, and certainly some unforeseen ones. For instance would anyone be surprised to see boom in world population starting around these months of quarantine from now? Entire industries and segments of our society are being tangled. There will be huge economic impact. Obviously, some people stand to be hurt clumsily. Some are more protected and some may be well benefit, including those people who can entertain and deliver and sell to the millions of people who suddenly have few places to go and not much to do.

But unfortunately, the overall economic impact will be massive, and will likely to need a huge admixture of government expenditure – everything from industry relieves to rent and tax relief to emergency aid for laid-off workers. The stock markets fell 33%. Even the Sensex fall 4000 points in a single day. There is a big loss for all the investors.

effects, will this Social Distance produce:-

Now, to be honest, before the entry of COVID-19 pandemic — ostensibly in Wuhan, China — Indian stock markets were at an all-time high. Not only COVID-19 but also part of the drop should be because of to another huge market disruption that sort of slipped in under the radar:  oil-price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The fact is, there are a lot of things soaring under the radar right now. A lot of effects that may come out of the global response to COVID-19. So we thought we would call few economists whose past work indicates they might have some insights into the future that is being dexterity right now by the extraordinary changes we are all living through.

Social distance to reduce the spread of COVID-19 means that we are all supposed to restrict our interaction with other people as much as possible. Although it is really difficult for all of us. The late economist Gary Becker made a career of studying behaviours. most economists didn’t think. much about, including addiction. And what did Becker argue is the most addictive thing in the world? Other people.

Other Effect on Social Distance during lockdown

All of us are social animals. What kind of animals will we be without the socializing? We are about to find out. One of the biggest changes right now — one of the biggest unplanned experiments of the COVID-19 era.

This is hard but only the solution to fight against COVID-19. As a responsible citizen we should strictly follow social distance. But social distance will really help to curtail the effect of COVID-19, we cannot say. But somewhere it helps to minimise the effect.

How long people remain like without interacting with each other. Will it affect human psychology adversely? Because human is social. Even social distance belongingness is one of their needs. As the current situation is not so good in India. the number of affected people is more then 1000 and they keep on growing as the days are passing. Maybe the government increases the period of lockdown and advised citizen to follow social distance. This is the worst situation which a country is facing right now.fighting against a rare pandemic.

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