Pinterest Marketing-The Ultimate Guide

Pinterest Marketing-The Ultimate Guide

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Pinterest Marketing:- Pinterest is a dynamic social media platform for sharing favourite images, videos, funny videos etc.

Using Pinterest, you can connect with other niche-related business man like-minded people by sharing your Hobbies and Interests through Online Bulletin Boards.

Pinterest taps into a very fundamental human behaviour that seeks to collect things even if they are not of any obvious value.

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Pinterest Marketing-The Ultimate Guide

Interesting facts about Pinterest Marketing:-

  • Pinterest is now the fourth-largest driver for website traffic.
  • Pinterest is most popular with women globally.
  • Demographics in terms of Pinterest age distribution are similar to the Internet population in the United States.
  • As of December 2011, the site had become one of the top 10 largest social network services, according to Pinterest HitWise data.

Pinterest is driving more referral traffic to Retailers than YouTube and Google+, with 11 million total visits per week.

how does it work

Pinterest is a free website that requires a valid registration. In this, you can create a Free Personal Account or Business Account according to your requirement.

In this, users can upload, save, sort and manage images known as Pins and other media content such as Videos and Images through Collections known as Pins Boards. Pinterest acts as a Personalized Media latform.

In this, users can browse the content of others in their feed. Users can save individual pins to one of their own boards using the Pin-It Button. It is usually organized by a central theme or theme with pinboards.

Pinterest Marketing works:-

In this, users can personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinsing items to make Boards and iteracting with other members. By doing this, users display Pin Feed Unique, Personal Results.

However, the content can also be found outside of Pinterest and can be uploaded to a Boards via Pin It Button, which can be downloaded to a bookmark bar on a web browser, or directly implemented on the website by the webmaster. can go.

In this, the user also has the option to send a Pins to other Pinterest users and Email Accounts through Send Button.

When you log in to your Pinterest Marketing accounts, you will see your Home Feed. Your Home Feed shows you the most recent Pins from other Pinterest Accounts that your pursuance.

Pinterest Marketing Tool

Pinterest Marketing Tool

Pinterest can be used as a social networking tool to boost your business. This is to be a bit informal compared to other available forms of marketing.

Pinterest allows business to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online. Such pages can serve as virtual storefronts.

For example – in a case study of a fashion website, users coming from Pinterest spent $ 190 compared to $ 95 spent from users coming from Facebook. These users spent less time on the company’s website, and opted instead to browse through the company’s pinboard.

In addition, brand studies continue to show that Pinterest is more effective in driving sales than other forms of social media.

In 2013 Pinterest introduced a new tool called Rich Pins to enhance the customer experience while browsing through Pins created by companies.

The business page may include various data, topics and information such as prices of products, ratings for films or material for recipes.

Pinterest as a Perfect Media Strategy

You can start a business page with Pinterest as part of your media strategy initiative to generate new opportunities to connect with your customers and other communities with shared interests. It has the ability to generate Substantial Revenue in the long run and attract more traffic.

Promoting Business Through Pinterest

There are many ways to promote business through Pinterest such as –

Strategies for Digital Marketing

Building boards that come into view, drive traffic and convert fans into customers.

Building your Pinterest community through highly engaging activities, competitions, social media outreach and smart pinning strategies.

Ease of marketing

Creating a marketing campaign becomes easy and attractive.

Selling content to a target audience is important and Pinterest is good at it.

Pinterest Marketing-The Ultimate Guide

Setting Up Your Business Account

Whether you are an established brand, a Non-Profit Organization or a Blogger you can join Pinterest as a business for free. You can create a new business account or change your current one.

  • If you have a personal account, log out of it.
  • For business, go to Pinterest and click on Join a Business.
  • Fill details about your business and the person who will manage the account.
  • Read and accept the terms of service of the business and click on Create Account.

Pinterest Marketing vs. Other Social Platforms

Pinterest is based on photos. People like to know what they are watching. Shopping is easy, love, like, hate, in short, on an opinion, do something that you can see.

The design of the Pinterest site is Visually Appealing. It is fascinating in a way that other social platforms are not.Pinterest has a clean user interface.

History of pinterest

Ben Silberman is an American Internet Entrepreneur who co-founded Pinterest. He is also the CEO of Pinterest.

Pinterest is currently one of the relatively new social networking platforms taking the internet by storm. Pinterest allows users to browse content, mostly pictures, although videos are also very popular, and then bookmark their favorites in various collections

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