How to Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students?

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students?

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owadays, many or we can say that maximum people are use mobile or laptop and nowadays everyone wants to earn money online, that too should sit at home. But this is the easiest way to think of everyone.

Nowadays, many or we can say that maximum people are using mobile or laptop and nowadays everyone wants to earn money online, that too should sit at home. But this is the easiest way to think of everyone.

If you want to earn money online and you are not know how to start and where to start, here there are several of the best and most strategies method to consider:-

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Online Video Courses
  4. Survey,Search and Reviews
  5. Social Media
  6. Content Writing
  7. Blogging
  8. Write Articles
  9. Youtube

Google Adsense:-

 We can make money with Google Adsense earnings, for this, you have to do some setup and as I said, you have to do it first. You have to know that Google Adsense gives money from Google Adsense, takes money from Big Company for promotion and your website. Pay puts his post and gives you money.

earn money online If you want to earn money from AdSense, then you have to have 3 things. First of all, you must have 1 website or a blogging site or have a YouTube channel. One thing you should know is that Google Adwords only gives ads to Google Adsense.

If your website is a minimum 3-month old and there is traffic on that website then you can apply for Google Adsense and if your website is got by Adsense then it will give you access to Google Adsense earnings and will send you an email through verification and selection of email. .

Affiliate Marketing :-

Affiliate marketing can be done only when you generate leads or have a sale, then you get a commission from it, you can get this commission from 10% to 60-75%.

The need for affiliate marketing should first be the user base. User base means if you want to through social media, then you have to have a fan following. It will buy all the medium through user products and will get a commission on the same.

Before google Adsense, youtube Start, you have to think in which field you want to do affiliate marketing. You should affiliate in the field in which you have the most knowledge. Just like if you want to enter mobile, your blog/official/youtube/Facebook page should be related to the same so that people trust you.

earn money watching videos online:-

earn money online Nowadays online video course is the new medium of education which is available in the entire series. This earns money watching videos online that is available in the Different Mode, this course is available on the Different Different Platform, like any course that is available on YouTube, there is a course that is available on the website. And there are some courses that are available online life This can be available on Facebook, on Instagram, live on YouTube, or on a live website.

This is medium, it saves time of studies, you can read the student whenever you get time. Once not understood, he can read it again and again. If you do not understand anything, then you can ask through the comment. This course is also available for free, and some courses are also paid. It depresses what type you are cracking.

online survey sites:-

Online survey sites mean earn money online that you will get some task on visiting those websites or you will be asked to do some work, if you complete that then you will get some money or points, you can collect that point.

These are the 5 top online survey sites: –

  • swagbugs
  • pricerebel
  • cashcreat
  • paid view point
  • vivating                     

marketing through social media:-

earn money online We use social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube the most, then on this platform we talk about our business, then we call it marketing through social media.

Content Writing :-

We see something written on the Google website, they are content above one topic. We tell perticular information in discribe, tuff is the content.

Content Writer Job Field: –

  •     1. Content increment job does not require any particular degree.
  •     2.the content can work for those who have command on the language, be it in  English or Hindi.
  •     3. A degree is needed for this.
  •     4. The job can be easily found in media profile or web development.
  •     5. Blogging website needs content writter.


  • In the Blogs Mostly though is it’s your own opinion.
  • There is No need for interviews or researching the blog.
  • Blogs are shorter than articles.
  • Built around SEO keywords. In the blogs, there is a need for Keywords to rank the blogs and they are different than articles.

Articles :-

  • In the Articles writer opinion not allowed in articles.
  • Has interviews and research from credible experts and research firms.
  • Articles are Longer than 300 words with correct spelling.
  • There are Keywords not important for searching.
  • Spelling and grammar are impeccable in the articles

Youtube :-

  • earn money online Nowadays YouTube marketing is one of the best marketing platforms in India which is trending nowadays. A lot of people are sharing their collage on YouTube these days. But it is important to have some important points for marketing on YouTube.
  • Important point for YouTube is: 1. Search for trending keywords. Write the keyword content of the keywords

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