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How to create a blog on WordPress in 2020-Easy steps


If you want to create a blog on WordPress, let me tell you this is one of the best decisions to make in 2020. Why so? Because there are more than 4.1 million blog posts published daily and uses the majority of these are on WordPress.

Creating an online blog for a business or professional work can be done quickly and simply through a CMS like to start a blog WordPress Large enterprises and small businesses like needing ways to publish content. The key is working with a user-friendly CMS that makes it possible for almost anyone—from newbies to experts—to construct web pages. Using these templates or the frame makes it easy to create a basic web page then swap in a logo create a blog on WordPress, change the colour palette, or alter the font to fit your brand and needs.

create a blog on wordpress

WordPress is the most popular tool in the world for building the best website, and for good reason: It’s feature-rich, customizable, plugging and remarkably affordable. What’s more, it’s also highly scalable. It’s just as happy powering a small blog with ten visits a month as it is powering some of the biggest blogs and websites in the world.

How to start a blog wordpress?

This following topic are present for blogging in the following topics:-

How to install WordPress?

How to create a blog site with WordPress?

WordPress Categories, Comments, and Themes

How to import external posts

Start  WordPress blog in five  simple steps:-

  1. Choose a blogging platform
  2. Pick a blog name
  3. Get your blog online (hosting)
  4. how to create a blog on wordpress
  5. Design your blog, i.e. choose the right free theme

Choose a blogging platform:-

blogging platform

The blog/website platform is, in simple terms, service or software (like WordPress, Magento) designed specifically to allow you to publish your content online.

  • Free Platforms:- You want to create a blog on WordPress, and you can start blogging. You are do not worry about your blog hosting and domain name. you do not have any fees. There is only one thing that is very unfavourable to you: in fact, that is your blog does not belong to you. You are not influence anything; you’ll never be able to make money from your blog.
  • Self-hosted Platforms:- If you want to start a blog and you should create a self-hosted blog.  you need to the three things:- blog hosting, domain name, and the content management system&;. then you can manage your website through a simple user interface.
Select a blog name

Select a blog name:-

Choose the right name for your blog will be your most challenging work for today. But digbunch have some tips for everyone that I think will help you get through it easily.

you want to create a blog on WordPress then you’ll need a domain name. Use a domain name registration or your web host to find out if your chosen name is available.  so, you can purchase it for terms of one year or multiple years, either through a registrar and through your web hosting provider. Blogs are transformed from simple online diaries to websites rich in content. In many ways, they have become the backbone of the internet.

Get your blog online (hosting) :-

How to create a blog on WordPress in 2020-Easy steps

A Web host is a machine that is hosts your WordPress blog files remotely. You can purchase web hosting from:

When you’ve picked your niche and got the domain name and hosting let start WordPress setup.

install WordPress:-

There are two types to install WordPress and start a blog are -1.Through FTP

2.Through Cpanel

1. Installation through FTP :-

  • WordPress requires an installed MySQL database.
  • Download and save the updated version of WordPress from the WordPress page to your system.
  • Double-click the ZIP file downloaded to open to choose to Extract all files.
  • A pop up will come up for extracting the file.
  • Now, enter a relevant name for your folder/files for proper usage.
  • Upload the folder/files to the root of workspace through FTP.
  • Now, that the folder has been uploaded, you will have to ensure the domain to this folder.
  • Open a browser and access your domain.
  • If the configure the file is created successfully, you will be informed of the information you need to complete the setup. There you will get a welcome from WordPress. Hit on ‘Let’s Go’ and proceed with next.
  • Connect the database information where required in a form which asks database name, username, password, database hosting, and table prefix.
  • After filling up the form and through plugging, click on submit button.
  • After, you click the submit- it will be informed that WordPress is ready to get installed with followed. Click on the ‘run the install’ button to continue and then proceed.
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter a site title, username, password, and email address. When entering these details, click on install WordPress.
  • Now, you have to got your WordPress installed after entering your username and password for your reference.
  • WordPress has now will be installed successfully and you may now click the Login button to begin setup of your WordPress.
 Install wordpress

II. Installation through Cpanel:-

  • Login to your CPanel and Scroll down to software section, create a blog on WordPress click on to ‘any app installer’ in order to open the program create a blog on WordPress.
  • Search for ‘any installer ’, then go for ‘WordPress’. Click on the install button.
  • Now, fill out the 3 sections form within ‘software setup’.
  • Fill out the ‘site setting’ then the of the section.

Here you will include are :

  • Site name: Give the website a name.
  • Site description: Write a short description or suitable subtitles for your website.
  • Enabled multi-site: Only enable multisite if you know that it needs it.
  • Fill in the admin account section.

Here, you have to find:

  • Username for Admin: the change it to something meaningful and to you and other admin for the blog.
  • Admin password: Create a secure password to help keep your installation from being compromised.
  • Admin email: it will be the login of the admin through which people would contact.
  • Select our language from the drop-down language bar.
  • Click the plus sign by ‘advanced options’ and the check the box to limit login attempt.
  • Change the database name.
  • Change the prefix.
  • Unless you would prefer to do manually through the WordPress Admin area or by using FTP.
How to create a blog on WordPress in 2020-Easy steps

Design your blog :-

A WordPress theme is a collection of templates and CSS codes to define the layout and design of your website with dif functionalities.create a blog on WordPress Most importantly, it should make your site look appealing to your visitors.

At this stage, our or your blog/site is bare bones with no content and the default WordPress theme installed. So it’s time to do something about this.

From this  WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Themes. Now to change your theme, click on the Add New Theme tab and you will be taken to the depository with thousands of themes to choose from.

You can even upload and your own theme that you have downloaded from a 3rd party or own WordPress thems by clicking the Upload Theme tab on the top.

Select all theme that not only looks good but also offers features that you are looking for like single or another multi-column layout, single or double navigation menus. create a blog on WordPress theme control panel, mobile responsiveness and so on.

Of course, create a blog on WordPress you don’t need to turn your site into a other at this stage and you can always tweak your design later on. After all, web design is a process and not a destination.

Above all the information for how to create wordpress blog after the created the blog then we need to the set up the blog on wordpress then you can follow step for set up:-

How To Set Up A Blog On WordPress-2020

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