Generate traffic to website-Keep Users On Your Site Longer

Generate traffic to website-Keep Users On Your Site Longer


Generate traffic to website-One way to measure this is to watch the visit duration your blog post, which is the length of time that visitors stay on your website/blogs. If they are staying longer, and this measurement is increasing over time, therefore your leads and sales opportunities will also increase.

Generate traffic to website-Keep Users On Your Site Longer

there  are five strategies to help or improve Generate traffic to website duration on your website:

  • Create a Simple,and  Eye-Grabbing Website Design
  • Add  Good Quality video Video
  • Add Engaging – High-Quality Images and picture
  • Update Your Blog with Relevant Contents
  • Utilize Internal Linking and URL

Create a Simple,and  Eye-Grabbing Website Design:-

We know that first impressions is the last impression, even if people have already visited your website. every  time people pull up a website or visit any pages, then we have to grab their attention. Such method is the cold reality of people searching the web.

Use attractive graphics and colors along with easy-to-read blogs  that is large enough to be readable.

Make the blog easy to navigate, attractive and geared towards people looking for what they need. then they are looking for something that will catch their attention and meet their needs and result . Give the something dramatic and eye-catching method  that makes them stop and think for a second.

Add  Good Quality video Video:-

Once the popular way to increase the time that visitors are spending on your site is to add multimedia to your webpages, especially your homepage.  Videos has shown to increase user engagement and can be a great way to showcase your products or solutions.  There are many ways to do this.  Some modern and latest sites are using a full-width video as the background of the homepage, while others have an embedded video player at the top of the page.  However these  you choose to incorporate video, it can certainly help to engage visitors from the start.

Generate traffic to website-Keep Users On Your Site Longer

Add Engaging – High-Quality Images and picture :-

Images speak 1,000 words. Since we already know that people don’t read, use engaging, high-quality images to stuff your message into the heads of your visitors, quickly. Or, to pique curiosity. Be creative with your images.

Be sure to use images that you are allowed to use. Either your images, images you have purchased or those that are licensed to you.

Update Your Blog with Relevant Contents:-

now again Publishing blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, audio, or other content that’s of interest to your visitors and target market gets them to stick around and check it out. If the it’s good and delivers something they want, they’ll stay longer and look at more.

 Your Blog with Relevant

Utilize Internal Linking and URL:-

Internal links are not used enough.

What are internal links? These are the links on one of your web pages that links to another one of your website pages. Using internal links helps people move smoothly around a website, following what interests them most, using this very basic, yet transformational tool, the hyperlink.

Generate traffic to website-When you mention something on your website or blog, link to something relevant elsewhere on your website (or blog) as a way of adding to, or slightly changing, the subject at hand. This is a way to give visitors more access to information, and a way to find it easily when they are thinking about it.

Related Articles on Blog Posts

Blog are a great way to engage visitors on your site with relevant content.  To maximize in this benefit, it can be helpful to offer related blogs on a similar topic at the end of the article.  Generate traffic to website Many content management systems have the module that will provide a handful of the additional blog within the same category, which you can place at the bottom of a blog post.  This will be keep visitors engaged while improving your thought leadership and expertise on a particular subject.

Review your site analytics regularly:-

Pay the attention to which pages people go to often but leave too quickly. Focus on improving the experience on these pages.

and  Also, note which pages are “sticky,” or that retain visitors well, for insights into what’s working; apply these insights to other pages of your website.

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